All steps of production are carried out with the regular and constant observance of certain fundamental rules for the production of a superior quality extra virgin olive oil:

  • Start of olive harvest: first week of October with olives that have not yet reached full ripeness and for this reason they have a lower yield but in return the oil extracted is more intense and rich in polyphenols;
  • Collection mode: by hand with rakes and harvesters driven by batteries and an air compressor;
  • Containers for the olive harvest: perforated boxes that allow the freshly picked olives to breathe;
  • Milling time: transport in the same day to the mill of the olives harvested and milling within 24 hours from the harvest;
  • Milling system: cold with temperature not exceeding 27 degrees;
  • Storage: stainless steel silos with conical bottom with lid equipped with pneumatic float type “always full” to avoid contact with air and therefore prevent oil oxidation;

Strict compliance with the procedures described above with controlled supply chain from the moment the olives are harvested to the moment they are extracted at the mill contributes to the production of a quality extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols that are antioxidants that are so good for our heart and our health.

Ph By MAURICE GRÜNIG. All rights reserved
Ph By MAURICE GRÜNIG. All rights reserved
Ph By MAURICE GRÜNIG. All rights reserved