Extension olive grove cultivated in the territory of Caltabellotta


Start of olive harvest

Harvesting techniques

Harvesting tools

Olive containers

Transport to the crusher

Double defoliation

Milling times

Oil extraction machines

Storage for oil decanting

Oil decantation phase

Chemical oil analysis

Nutritional features

Company Control Board

Packer Inspection Body


Yearly production

Contrada Martusa di Caltabellotta (Ag)

Hectares 23

Monocultivar Biancolilla

Before full ripening

Backstabbing and Combing

Compressed air nets and blasting equipment

Perforated boxes

In olive boxes

With external defoliator and with milling system

Within 24 hours after collection

Cold extraction not exceeding 27 degrees

Steel silos with lid type “Semprepieno”

20 days

Palermo Customs Laboratory

Nutritional values indicated on the label

Bioagricert cod di controllo IT BIO 007 C13H

Sidel Cod. Di Contr. IT BIO 012 N.2047

At crusher “Soc. Oli Segreto” in C.Da Martusa di Caltabellotta

From 5000 to 7000 liters

Ph By MAURICE GRÜNIG. All rights reserved
Ph By MAURICE GRÜNIG. All rights reserved